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Post 200: Spectacular Season 2 Finale

I’m amazed at how much of Doo Wop City we got to explore! In two years, we must have posted over a thousand photos! It’s been a thrill, and my husband enjoyed taking the pictures as much as I have loved appearing in them! Another season is behind us, but we go out with festivities!…

Silent Night in December/Doo Wop Christmas 1966

This is the 199th post on the Doo Wop City photo journal. Our next post: The Spectacular 200th Post Season Finale! Part 1 of 2: Silent Night in December Our Post 100 Spectacular Season Finale was in November last year. Between then and Christmas, we took some photos of Christmas lights and other lights at…

Stella Star in the Clipper Lounge, Part 2

This is my 198th post on the Doo Wop City photo journal. We are only 2 posts away from the Spectacular 200th Post Season Finale! If you’re a long-time reader to my photo journal, you probably know that the Pan American is my favorite place in Doo Wop City. We visited the place several times,…

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