The Wildwood Days of Doo Wop

Author, historian, and photographer Kirk Hastings, and comic book artist Michael Jasorka teamed up to create a Doo Wop experience like no other. The Wildwood Days of Doo Wop is a magazine-sized graphic novel showcasing the Googie and MCM architecture of the Wildwoods’ well-loved travel destinations of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. The book even looks into the far future of the 21st century! This power duo visited us at the Doo Wop Museum, and signed books to commemorate the release of this spectacular publication.

Stella Star and her husband, “Cathode” Ray Reagan, were fortunate enough to attend the event, and purchase a few copies, and have them signed.

It was a joyous occasion! Everyone was cheerful. Kirk Hastings (left) graciously signs a copy for Stella.

Artist Michael Jasorka takes a turn signing the book.

The event was casual but spontaneous.

For more information about The Wildwood Days of Doo Wop, and other comic books by Michael Jasorka, visit

For information on Doo Wop Motels, a book by Kirk Hastings, visit

All photographs (c) Stella Star. All rights reserved.

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Traveling back in time to the Funtabulous Doo Wop City of Wildwood NJ

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